Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy
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The sky is falling, the earth is quaking and new creatures are appearing everywhere! The once peaceful region, known as Sunshine, is becoming overrun with wild Mogas. Mogas are very powerful creatures that fall from the stars and have a connection to the zodiac signs. Wild Mogas are extremely dangerous, but, with the use of trained Mogas, you’ll battle and tame the wild Mogas in an attempt to bring peace back to Sunshine!
Game Features

  • A Fun Highly Addictive Storyline
  • Gorgeous Artwork
  • Live Arena PvP Battles
  • Neighborly Tamer Duels
  • Ongoing Monthly Events, Chance Items and Quests
  • Over 300 unique Mogas to battle and tame
  • Weekly Leaderboards
  • Earn premium Moga Cash by battling wild Mogas
  • Community Contests

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What version of Flash do you have installed?

    Your Flash version must be 10 or higher in order to avoid unexpected issues. You can check your version typically by going to Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs and looking for Adobe Flash Player xx.
  2. How do I get more Blue Coffees?

    You can buy Blue Coffee at the Sky Shop or get it by fighting Mogas – they may drop Blue Coffee and other items.