Working at Gaia

In the business of developing cutting-edge products, creativity is everything. No matter what position we’re filling, from art and animation to engineering to customer service, we look for people with big ideas and the skills to make them a reality. If you’re ready for the creative and intellectual challenge of a fast-paced workplace, there may be a spot for you on the Gaia team.  Interested?

Life At Gaia

Here at Gaia we care about our people and the business. Our goal is to make fun social products and have a good time while doing it. We are proud of our unique environment and appreciate everyone for their contribution and new ideas.  We have high standards and are diligent in the way we hire. We want to ensure that we maintain our company culture with each new addition to our family.  Still thinking about it…. here is why you want to work here:

Collaboration: Nothing gets done without team work and collaboration. When you work at Gaia you can expect to be a part of a diverse team made up of designers, artists, writers, and developers. Brainstorming meetings are a constant and everyone has a voice. Gone are the days of cubicles.  Our office is an open floor plan designed to foster collaboration and teamwork.

Work hard, play hard. This is a fast paced environment, be ready! We work hard and are focused on meeting deadlines and continuing to produce hit products.  However, we play as hard as we work! You have a choice of nerf wars, ping pong matches, or foosball games to blow off steam.

Inventiveness: We are unique in our approach to web development. We don’t want to copy cat our fellow social web companies. We want to cultivate the creativity we have internally and be original in the new products we choose to develop. We believe anyone in the company can have a great idea for a product or feature.  We are adventurous, persistent, and passionate about our products.

Opportunity:  Gaia is an environment where every employee has the ability to make an impact. New challenges and market growth drives artists, developers, marketing and others to be creative and inspired. We have a bias for employees who take the initiative and drive their ideas and we are committed to providing them the right opportunities to follow their career aspirations. At Gaia you can pursue your dreams and grow.

Strong Brand: Gaia Online, founded in 2003, has a strong community of users that are passionate and dedicated to our products. Our fan base helps us to put us on the map!

Flexibility:  We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible and open to change.  We communicate openly and endorse an environment where decisions are made thoughtfully and efficiently.

Did you know?

  • Gaia has been  top ranked on iTunes in 118 countries
  • Gaia app was ranked one of the top 10 apps  in 82 countries
  • Monster Galaxy was ranked #4 action and role playing application on facebook in 2012
  • Monster Galaxy was ranked #3 on  iTunes ,# 3 in free apps,  and #3 gross app out of 500,000 apps in iTunes

Read what Gaia Employees have to say:

  • “Since Gaia was originally founded by a local artists group, it has remained a pretty casual and fun atmosphere that can feel more like a large group of friends than a big company. Above all, Gaia has always been a hyper creative company that takes chances on the dreams and crazy ideas of its employees, and a place that empowers those who are willing to share their dreams.” - Josh, Sr. Art Director
  • "Gaia has maintained a startup culture, by assigning ambitious but concentrated goals in small teams. Our team has made successful social games like 'Monster Galaxy' and we are making more. There are lots of exciting games to work on in the current growing stage of the company. So if you are a passionate developer with gaming DNA, you will definitely love Gaia." - Himanshu, Software Developer
  • “Being part of Gaia's creative team has been a great experience. Since the company was founded with a strong artistic core, there's a great climate of collaboration and creative freedom. When I started at Gaia, I was a freelance writer looking for steady work but it became much more than a day job-- right away, I got to work on crazy site events, write comics and game dialogue, and work closely with an incredibly talented team. It's been five years now, and I'm still having fun.” - David, Writer
  • “There’s always something new and exciting at Gaia. Gaia keeps me on my toes with never a dull moment.  I love the friendly, playful, and genius energy.” - Anna, Executive Admin
  • "When I saw Monster Galaxy on the top of the iTunes charts I felt like I had written a hit song and heard it on the radio." - John, Marketing Analysis


  • 100% Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • TGIF- every other Friday snacks & company updates
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Catered Lunch Every Day!
  • Complementary Nerf Gun to join in on Friday afternoon Nerf Wars!
  • Gym allowance
  • Vacation and even your birthday off!
  • Open and friendly environment

Android Developer Full-time

As the lead Android developer in the company, you'll be pioneering the Android development of an existing iOS application. We're looking for a seasoned Android developer with experience taking an Android from scratch to the marketplace and beyond (maintaining and iterating off of metrics driven analysis).

  • Real-world experience (you've shipped an app and can speak to the challenges inherent to the Android release process.
  • Team Player
  • Familiarity with design patterns like MVC, OOP, memory management, and threading
  • Deep Java knowledge in the Android environment
  • Networking experience in Android

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iOS Developer Full-time

At least one year of iOS development experience.As an iOS developer at Gaia you'll be working on the "next big thing" at the company as we push forward into mobile. Joining a front-end team of 1, you'll be collaborating on a universal iOS app due to be shipped this Fall.

  • At least one year of iOS development experience.
  • Solid understanding of iOS frameworks and development.
  • Experience working with Interface Builder and UIKit
  • Team Player
  • Familiarity with design patterns like MVC, OOP, memory management, and threading

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Director of Content and Community Full-time

Director of Content and Community

  • Able to create a well-populated online / social media identity
  • Writing samples showing good viral instincts
  • able to create and maintain an active presence in an online community
  • Able to manage the work of others

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Mobile UX and Design Lead Full-time

Mobile UX and Design Lead

  • You have 2+ years of experience designing consumer Mobile apps, preferably with Social Media, UGC and/or Game experience. You've worked on multiple successful iOS apps and have at least some experience with Android. Mobile isn't new to you, it's where you're strongest, and it's where you want to work.
  • World class visual design skills: you know how to apply color, texture, movement and typography to create interfaces that are not only usable but pleasing to look at. From cutting up simple button assets to designing our logo and brand, everything you produce is beautiful. You understand the level of visual polish required to delight consumers - no enterprise or utility class design work will do here.
  • Strong UX sensibility: you can work up complete, well-thought-out user experience flows given broad descriptions of user missions and product goals. You're able to describe these flows and transitions through them in written specs that engineers and testers find easy to understand and build from.
  • You have deep experience synthesizing learnings from live user testing and metrics analysis to evolve and improve designs. Experience leading live user testing studies is a plus. You're able to learn from competitors but also willing to trust your own data and instincts.
  • Small teams and rapid cycles are where you thrive. You are passionate about representing the interests of visual fidelity and the user experience, but you're also willing to set aside cherished ideals and iterate in order to learn.
  • You will need to be strong in both visual design and UX / user interaction design. But you will not be asked to code. We care that you understand typography, not CSS. We need you to produce visual specs, not working prototypes.

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